The drug Clomid is tolerated quite well by the organism. Side effects of Clomid are usually caused by excess dosage or by taking medications when there are clear contraindications.

Precautions and reception rules of the medicine

Compliance with the basic rules of Clomid admission will help to avoid potential side effects and adverse reactions in the body. The drug should be taken with extreme caution by drivers and people whose professional activity requires more focus and concentration. Before the beginning of the therapeutic course, one should always consult a physician and examine carefully the instructions for use. Strictly follow the recommended dosage!

Contraindications and side effects of Clomid

Side effects of Clomid may occur in patients who have contraindications to the use of drugs. Therefore, the treatment with clomiphene is not recommended by:

  • Pathologies of the visual apparatus.
  • Hepatic function disorders.
  • Diseases of oncologic character.
  • Cystic tumors in the ovaries.
  • Primary hypofunction of the pituitary gland.
  • Bleeding of unknown etiology.
  • Individual intolerance and hypersensitivity to the main active ingredient of the drug.

Clomid is strongly contraindicated to pregnant women and nursing mothers!

Side effects of Clomid may manifest in the form of:

  • Increased irritability and sleep disorders.
  • Increased fatigue and sweating.
  • Headache.
  • Flatulence and bloating.
  •     Polyuria.
  • Nausea and vomiting attacks.
  • Allergic reactions, urticaria.
  • Painful and intense menstruation.
  • The increase of the ovaries size.
  • Violations of visual function.
  • A feeling of heaviness in chest.
  •     Hyperthermia.
  • Pains in testes in men.

All adverse reactions are extremely rare. The statistics and the results of clinical studies confirm the fact that the medical preparation is characterized by a very soft and gentle effect on the body. Upon cancellation of the drug all painful reactions disappear. The manifestation of side effects and adverse performance is observed in cases of contraindications or serious non-compliance with the instructions for use!

Clomid usage is poorly combined with smoking. Clomiphene has an effect on certain psychomotor reactions and enters into an undesirable relationship with nicotine. While receiving the drug Clomiphene it is recommended to refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol!

Side effects of Clomid are exhibited in the case of violations of medical recommendations and significant dosage excess! By painful symptoms, one should address a specialist. A doctor will adjust the dosage and the body will get rid of unwanted reactions to the drug.