Clomiphene is related to the pharmacological group of antiestrogens. It is used to treat diseases of a sexual and reproductive system.  The remedy is also needed for people who are engaged in bodybuilding and take steroids. Clomid for bodybuilding shows effective results. The drug normalizes hormones and testosterone levels in athletes.

What happens in the body of a bodybuilder?

When using steroid substances male body gradually reduces the production of its own male hormone. The longer is the course, and the “heavier” are the means, the more there is a violation of hormone balance. Testosterone amount is getting smaller. The level of female hormones – prolactin, progesterone, and estradiol increases.

Antiestrogens help to normalize the hormonal background. The most effective and safe, as well as the most popular drug is antiestrogen – Clomiphene (Clomid). The remedy is often recommended to bodybuilding athletes, no matter what steroids they take and how long they did it.

The medication is not a hormone, but the substance binds to the receptors of the brain which are responsible for the production of sex hormones. Timely restoration of the male hormone level will improve the look of an athlete and help to avoid the loss of muscle mass and strength.

Clomid for bodybuilding

Clomid action on bodybuilders

The popularity of the drug among powerlifting athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders are due to its positive effect:

  • stimulates the production of GnRH;
  • increases the level of hormones that are responsible for the stimulation of tests and the formation of follicles;
  • increases testosterone levels.

Athletes make a mistake after steroid therapy by taking supplements to restore the balance of hormones. When the body develops strong hormonal imbalances and the level of sex hormones is reduced to a minimum, dietary supplements are not able to change it.

Clomid is indispensable for bodybuilders, it directly affects the level of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing (LH) hormone. FSH and LH affect testosterone production. The main ingredient of the drug – clomiphene is attached to estrogen receptors, reducing their activity.

Within 2-3 days from the start of the reception there is a positive effect of Clomid:

  • The amount of LH and FSH is increased to its maximum.
  • Levels of testosterone are significantly raised.
  • Indicators of male hormones return to their normal state.
  • High values of LH and FSH are reduced to the required level.

The duration of the recovery period is different. It depends on the individual case. By minor violations, man’s body can recover after 14 days. In severe cases, it may take a month and a half. Even in the most difficult situations bodybuilder can improve physical performance by taking Clomid.

How to take Clomid for bodybuilding

How to take Clomid for bodybuilding to bring the level of sex hormones in the normal rate? The drug is not recommended to use during the course of steroids. Begin to take the drug only after such a therapy.

The recovery beginning depends on the type of steroids that are used by the athlete. It is advisable to wait until the period when the substances reach their half-life and cease to actively influence the hormone balance. On average, the process takes a week or a week and a half. Experts recommend starting treatment with the maximum allowed dosage, gradually reducing it. The longer was a course of steroids, the more time is needed for hormonal rehabilitation. There are several schemes of Clomid administration:

  • For extra-heavy course – the first 3 days – 150 mg; the next 12 days – 100 mg; 15 days later – 50 mg and another 15 days – 25 mg.
  • After a heavy course – 15 days – 100 mg; 15 days – 50 mg; 15 days – 25 mg.
  • Average course – 30 days – 50 mg; 15 days – 25 mg.
  • Light course – 15 days – 50 mg; 15 days – 25 mg; 15 days with preservation of the dosage take in a day.
  • The scheme of a very light course – 15 days – 50 mg; 15 days – 25 mg.

Before taking Clomid one should consult with a specialist!

Clomid for bodybuilding can reduce the destructive effect of steroids and maintain one’s excellent physical shape.